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Con la aprobación de la reforma tributaria Ley 2010 (Ley de Crecimiento) en diciembre de 2019, reforma tributaria que se tramitó como consecuencia de la declaratoria de inexequibilidad de la Ley 1943 de 2018 (Ley de financiamiento), por parte de la Corte Constitucional, con el fin de hacer claridad de las implicaciones en el pago de impuestos de las personas naturales, a continuación señalamos algunos aspectos que trae esta nueva reforma, los cuales fueron tratados en la entrada de la Ley 1943, así:

Welcome To SFAI

SFAI Colombia has more than 22 years of experience in providing high quality services under a single methodology and specific knowledge in the regions where it operates to provide adequate responses to each business situation. Our work plan allows us to meet the needs of our customers with levels of excellence, speed and costs associated with the regions in which we operate.
A policy of training and ongoing training assures our clients the uniform application of best practices.
SFAI COLOMBIA is the professional organization that provides insurance and consulting services to public and private sector companies with the best industry practices and presence in the main cities of the country.
Our Services
  • Audit and Assurance of Information
    Legal and Tax Advice
    BPO: Accounting, Payroll, Internal Audit and Others
    Management and T.I. Advice
    Corporate Risk Consultancy
    Training and Instruction

Any event in an organization, no matter how simple or complex, consists of both ideas and behaviors. Behaviors arise from ideas, and ideas arise from behaviors. Effective organizations are derived from effective interaction between them.

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