The auditing and information assurance services are aimed at dictating the financial statements for use by a wide range of users. The SFAI methodology facilitates and promotes the quality of work under international standards of Audit and Assurance.

The audit emphasizes the critical nature of the procedures used to ensure that the financial statements are free of risks due to material misstatement, so that our services include the assessment of business risks and the quality of control, using a vision multidisciplinary experience of professional auditing in the industry of each individual client and interdisciplinary professionals that guarantee users to ensure the credibility of the audited financial information.

Our auditors go one step further, helping you identify risks and opportunities for improvement in key business controls.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the operations, we have a highly specialized team available to our customers permanently to meet their needs.

    Our Services:

    • External audit
    • Revisoría Fiscal (exclusive for Colombia)
    • Management audit
    • Compliance audit
    • Corporate Governance Audit
    • Special or limited audits
    • Review of financial information
    • Due diligence
    • Other servers related to insurance
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